By Roy E Lovelace
It was just the other day
when my horse was feeling low,
I called up my Vet
just to let him know.
He’d already left his office
but I did not despair,
I knew he’d call me back
 in less than half an hour.
  In a few minutes the phone rang
 it was the Vet of course,
he said "hello Roy, this is Doc,
 say you’ve got an ailing horse." 
I said, "yeah I do, don’t know what’s wrong,
 but she seems purty hot to me,"
he said keep’er inside where it’s cool
 I’ll run by and have a look-see.
In minutes there came a white truck
 up the little road to my farm,
he rolled past the house and didn’t stop
until he was beside my barn.
He went into the stall and took her temp
 then gave her a shot or two,
she started sweating he said it won’t be long
until she’s as good as new. 
Well he was right cause I saw the next morning
 she had finished her grain and hay,
so I opened the door to turn her out
 where she could run and play.
He'll come to my farm
to see my horse, dog, and cat,
Now there's no beating,
having a friend like that.
I never have to worry
when my pets gets sick,
All I have to do is call
and Doc gets here quick.