Up each morning,
at the crack of dawn.
Weeds the garden,
then mows the lawn.
Feeds the horses,
cleans the stalls.
Rakes the leaves,
he missed last fall.
Feed the cattle,
feeds the dogs,
feeds the chickens,
and slops the hogs.
Cut's the hay,
gets it ready to rake.
Pull out the wagon,
has repairs to make.
Gets the horses in,
and grooms each one.
Cleans their feet,
gets the feeding done.
It's getting dark,
can't see anymore.
Ready for supper,
heads for the door.
Grabs a skillet,
slaps in some lard.
Fries up eggs,
that turn out hard.
Too tired to eat,
but eats anyway.
Takes a shower,
and calls it a day.
You're proably a thinkin'
he's a young whippersnap.
But that ain't the case,
most call him grandpap.
Copyright © 2003 Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.