Puppy slaps the door,
with her great big paw.
Says you're the slowest
people that I ever saw.
Just grab your coat,
and put on your hat.
Let's go for a walk,
you'll run off some fat.
Let's run through the meadow,
let's run over the hill.
Come on you old slow pokes,
are you all standing still?
Let's hunt a big rabbit,
let's give him the chase.
Hurry up, get with it,
just pick up the pace.
Is that you I see standing,
from our starting place?
Why, as slow as a turtle is,
with you, he'd win the race.
Around the fields, I would
take a few more laps.
But guess it's time,
for you old folk's naps.
Is that raindrops,
on my head I just felt?
Take me to the barn fast,
'Cause I just might melt.

Copyright © 2003  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.