As I stare across the meadow,
certain memories flood my mind.
I see three horses and a pony
and each of you were one of a kind.

I can still see your heads held high,
And your manes flowing in the wind.
I thought I heard you nicker softy,
As if to say, don't be sad, my friend.

I can still see your heads raised high,
As my voice carried across the pasture.
Your ears came up and pointed forward,
We were buddies, not horse, and master.

As I vision you beginning to trot,
Then pick up the canter, changing speeds.
I've never seen anything quiet as beautiful,
watching you gallop, my four special steeds.

Your special friendship I'll always treasure,
I'll always remember the way you use to be.
And, although life must take its course.
I'm glad you spent your life with me.

It's not easy saying goodbye to a special companion,
Though, in this life there's beginnings and ends.
But that didn't help or make it any easier,
To say goodbye to you, my very special friends.

God must have needed four unique horses,
So he decided to take my four, the very best.
He just loaned you to me for a little while,
And then took you home with him to rest.

Copyright ©  2003  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.