The clock alarms,
He jumps from the bed.
Gotta get going,
Get the horses fed.
Let the horses out,
If the weather's fit.
Clean up the barn,
Thereís no time to sit.
Looks at the sky,
The sunís shinning bright.
Gotta mow the hay,
Get done before night.
Shut down the tractor,
Around about five-thirty.
Groom all the horses,
They rolled and got dirty.
Put the horses in the stalls,
After cleaning their feet.
Get them all grain,
Itís time for them to eat.
Gets done around ten,
And dead on his feet.
Takes a shower and goes to bed,
Too tired to even eat.
But up the next morning,
And ready to go again.
Working all day long,
Heís the horseís best friend.

Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.