Twelve medium size potatoes (peeled and quartered)

One large sweet onion (diced)

One red sweet pepper (diced)

One green sweet pepper (diced)

One yellow sweet pepper (diced)

Sixteen red radishes (diced)

Eight pieces of celery (diced)

Four large carrots (diced)

Six hard-boiled eggs (chopped)

One-fourth cup of sweet pickle relish (or more according to taste)


One-fourth can of evaporated milk

Three tablespoons of oleo

One tablespoon of salt

Five tablespoons of mayonnaise

Boil potatoes until cooked well, then mash, add evaporated milk, salt and oleo. Let cool then add all the other ingredients. Sprinkle top with paprika, store in covered container in refrigerator. Recipe can be cut in half or less than half.

Jo Ann Lovelace