It's rained and rained,
Ain't seen a dry day.
If I knew of a dry place,
I'd just up and move away.
The roof is a leakin',
It's drivin' me nuts.
The road washed away,
It's full of deep ruts.
Water came in fast,
It streamed down the wall.
Next the ceiling came down,
Light fixtures and all.
The den is flooded,
In it lies a big tree.
It covers the whole place,
Where the walls use to be.
The garage filled with water,
The car just floated away.
Plumb down through the valley,
It's with the ducks in the bay.
The neighbor was growlin',
Said my diveway was in his.
Said his wife would shovel it back,
Said she was really a whiz.
All the power is out.
Water's in my TV set,
No snail mail in high water,
And I can't get on the Net.
Think I'll move to the desert,
Live with a coyote and snake,
'Cause I've just about had,
All this rain I can take.

Copyright © 2003  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.