There were three old cowboys,
On the trails day and night.
Look to the Lord,
To be their guiding light.

Always remembered the Sabbath,
And around they would gather.
They always held services,
In good or bad weather.

They didn't want a thing,
That didn't belong to them.
Worked hard for a living,
While humming a hymn.

Telling the truth was important,
From this they didn't stray.
Restoring of honor and values,
They prayed for each day.

Thankful for having folks,
That taught the Golden Rule.
They learned more from them,
Than they ever did in school.

Thanked the Lord for their kids,
Thanked the Lord for their wife.
Thank the Lord for each blessing,
For having a wonderful life.

They never did have a lot,
But they never were in need.
And down that long dusty trail,
The Lord would be there to lead.

Copyright © 2003  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.