Friends they come, and friends they go,
As this world is traveled through.
Grade School friends, and Junior High,
And then from High School too.
Friends from years ago,
Some who still touch base.
Friends who were neighbors,
Near the old home place.
Friends near and far away.
Some that keep in touch.
Friends who write now and then,
But really, not that much.
Friends at the work place,
Friends met for lunch.
Friends who live next door,
Friends that's seen a bunch.
Friends here and there and everywhere,
And no one can take their place.
Friends that were met on the net,
But have never seen their face.
But when a true friend is needed,
And there's a heavy burden to bear.
And with tender and loving care,
It's the parents who's always there.
Copyright © 2003  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.