A big gray barn,
sitting out back.
Horses and ponies,
room full of tack.
Curry combs and brushes,
hoof picks and sprays.
shedding blades and scrapers.
and several tote trays.
Hackamores and bridles,
blankets and sheets.
Halters and lead ropes,
and many horse treats.
Boots and saddles,
conditioners and shampoos.
Fly mask and fly sheets,
nails and horse shoes.
Automatic waterers
name tags on walls.
Sawdust for bedding,
forks to clean stalls.
A big hayloft,
full of good hay.
Oats with molasses,
and a good payday.
Buckets and hoses,
shovel and broom.
Wash stall for bathing,
good horses to groom.
Just a few things,
a few by all means.
This is the perfect,
horse lover's dream.
Copyright © 2001  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.