Thomas Turkey lived in the woods. Thomas was a wild turkey. Thomas didn't look like turkeys that are raised on a farm.

Thomas had a lot of friends. Squeaky Squirrel, Johnny Rabbit, Betty Robin, Henry Raven, Max Fox, and Donald Raccoon.

Thomas Turkey wanted something special to eat on Thanksgiving day.

"Thomas you are being picky," Squeaky Squirrel said. "I am eating acorns and that is fancy enough for a Thanksgiving meal."

"I can’t eat acorns for Thanksgiving," Thomas said. "I couldn’t even crack an acorn even if I wanted to eat one, Which I don't. That is not a special meal for Thanksgiving."

"You are being Picky, Thomas,"Johnny Rabbit said. "I'm going to have some green grass that grows under the fence down at Farmer Browns. That will be fancy enough for my Thanksgiving meal."

"Eat grass for Thanksgiving,” Thomas said disgusted. "I don't eat grass, and I certainly don't see grass as a fancy Thanksgiving dinner."

"I think you are being picky too," Betty Robin said. “But eat whatever you want to. I'm flying south for the winter. I don't care what you eat Thomas."

"What an attitude you have, Betty" Thomas said. "All I want is a fancy Thanksgiving dinner."

"You are picky, Thomas," Henry Raven said. "Take me, I'm Not picky about what I eat."

"What do you know about a fancy Thanksgiving dinner," Thomas said. You Ravens will eat anything."

"What a picky Turkey you are," Max Fox said. "I’m going down to Farmer Brown’s and raid the hen house. I love eggs. That will be a fancy Thanksgiving feast."

Thomas, Squeaky, Johnny, Betty, Henry, and Donald all begin yelling at Max. "That’s stealing, Max. No one should steal anything."

"Okay, Okay," Max said. “I’ll think of something else for Thanksgiving dinner. I wont steal any eggs from Farmer Brown. You are still a picky old turkey, Thomas.”

"You are picky, Thomas,” Donald Raccoon said. "I’m going to raid Old Farmer Brown’s garbage cans. He throws out good leftovers all the time. He doesn’t like leftovers, but I do. And that’s not stealing. Farmer Brown throws the leftovers away."

"Can I join you raiding the garbage cans, Donald," Max said. "There should be something in there I would like to eat for my Thanksgiving Meal."

"Can I go help raid the garbage cans too, Donald," Henry Raven said. "I’m not a bit picky about what I will eat.”

"Both of you can help me raid the garbage cans," Donald replied. "There’s plenty for all of us. But I must remind you Henry, it is rude to butt in when someone else has asked a question first."

"Sorry," Henry said. "I just forgot. I wont butt in again."

"That doesn’t solve my problem," Thomas said. "I still haven’t thought of anything for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner."

"Picky, picky, you are a picky turkey," All of Thomas’s friends sang.

"I am not picky," Thomas said. “I have an ear of corn I’ve been saving. Farmer Brown tossed it over the fence back in the summer. I like corn. I will eat my corn for Thanksgiving dinner."

Thanksgiving day, all the animals gather around together. Squeaky Squirrel had acorns lined up in a row. Johnny Rabbit had a pile of grass that he had picked from beneath Farmer Brown’s fence. Henry Raven, Max Fox, and Donald Raccoon had all kinds of food they had gotten out of Farmer Brown’s garbage can. And Thomas Turkey had his ear of corn in front of him. They all bowed their head and gave thanks for their Thanksgiving meal. Betty Robin flew south before Thanksgiving. But she will be back in the spring.

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