The cowboy's best friend,
is his faithful mount.
The best friend he's had,
without any doubt.
They've traveled here and there,
and places in between.
Together they have witnessed,
all there is to be seen.
The cowboy and his horse,
stick together through thick and thin.
The trails have been long and hard,
in some places they have been.
The cowboy is thankful,
for his family and his friends.
And he's always very thankful,
when his time on the trail ends.
The cowboy often says,
he's sure he ain't no saint.
But he thanks the good Lord,
for his grub and ole Paint.
Now during this here Friends Week,
don't forget about your horse.
Don't forget about your other friends,
and the dog and cat of course.

Copyright © 2001  Roy and Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.