How well do you know your vehicles? And, what vehicle comes to mind to fill in the blanks below?

1. What kind of horses are on your ranch? Mustangs

2. What is your child's favorite pet? Pony

3. What varmint do you want to stay away from your herd of cattle? Cougar

4. What's your favorite horse to ride on the trails? Pinto

5. Who would you like to take with you when searching for a stray calf? Pathfinder

6. When out on the trails taking your cattle to market, who would you like with you? Scouts

7. What is your occupation? Rancher

8. What job wouldn't you want to do? Bear Tracker

9. What town do you like out west? Laredo

10. What wouldn't you want to meet up with when you're out on the trails? Grizzly

11. What is your favorite animal on your ranch? Colt

12. What is one thing you're afraid of? Cobra

13. Where is your bunkhouse? Outback

14. What is some other horses that are on your ranch? Palominos

15. What job would you like to try? Wrangler

16. What critter wouldn't you want to see hanging around your place? Wildcat

17. What wildlife do you see often on your Ranch? Rabbits

18. What do you call your Ranch? Ranchero

19. What is your closest neighbor's occupation? Ranger

20. What is the one thing you would like to leave to your heirs? Legacy