Little cowgirls like paper dolls and a big teddy bear,
And they like ribbons and bows tied in their hair.
They like puppies and bunnies and like little cats,
And like wearing mom’s shoes and like wearing her hats.
They like playing hopscotch and like skipping a rope,
And they like bubble baths and they like smelly soap.
They like ponytails and they like patent leather shoes,
And they like pretty dresses and like baby dolls that coos.
They like swing sets and playhouses out in their yards,
And like playing hide and seek and they like playing cards.
They like little stuffed dogs and like little stuffed kittens,
And like furry little coats and they like furry little mittens.
They like little wading pools and they like reading books,
And they like tea parties and like pretending they’re cooks.
They like ring around the roses and they like playing tag,
And like wearing mom’s dresses and carrying her handbag.
They like little ponies and they like little baby birds,
And they like fairy tales and like dolls that says words.
They like pajama parties and they like Raggedy Ann,
And like building castles when they play in the sand.
They like Bambi and like Barney and like Benji the dog,
And they like Bert and Ernie and like Kermit the frog.
They like playing house and they like riding bikes,
And like pretending they’re grown and not little tikes.
The little cowgirls grow up and they’re pretending no more,
And still like much the same things they did before.
They still like little puppies and they still like little cats,
They still like pretty dresses and they still like pretty hats.
They still like little ponies and they still like reading books,
And they still like having tea parties and still like being cooks.
And, everyday, they thank the good Lord above,
For filling their lives, and their homes full of love.

Copyright © 2000  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.