A is our Attitude,
that life is not for naught.
B is our Bragging rights,
about things we were taught.
C is our Coping,
we take things in stride.
D is we're Determined,
to flow with the tide.
E is we enjoy,
a lot more than most.
F is our Faith,
we wont give up the ghost.
G is our Gratitude,
that we still move about.
H is we have Hope,
our troubles wont mount.
I is our Ideals,
and what we can do.
J is the Joy,
each day we go through.
K is we Know,
what's good in this life.
L is the Love,
that out weighs any strife.
M is the Many,
things we learn to manage.
N is Not letting,
someone take advantage.
O is being Optimistic,
as this world we travel through.
P is the Pride,
for what we can still do.
Q is for not Quitting,
and we'll do our best.
R we can be Reasonable,
we'll stand up to the test.
S we can Smile,
as we face each morn.
T is the Trust,
we can weather the storm.
U we can be Useful,
and we're willing to try.
V is the Vow,
that we made and live by.
W is our Wiliness,
and to work and to try.
Xing out the I cant's,
and telling them goodbye.
Y is for the Youth,
that's left us behind.
Z is Zippy Da Yippy,
age is a state of mind.
Copyright © 2005 Roy and  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.