Grandma doesn't sew,
she has no use for yarn.
Grandma got a horse,
she now lives in the barn.
Grandma no longer cooks,
we'll all starve, I guess.
Grandma's wearing jeans,
she doesn't own a dress.
Grandma wont baby sit,
she says the kids are mine.
And I can take them with me,
when I go out to dine.
Grandma looked me in the eye,
then she said what's more.
Don't expect me to baby sit,
when you going to the store.
Then I was just sitting there,
and all at once she said, by darn.
I expect them kids to do better,
when you bring them to my barn.
Guess I'll have to learn to cook,
and try to learn to sew.
'Cause Grandma ain't gonna to,
she's already let me know.
I thought this was just a phase,
and it would run its course.
That's not going to happen, though,
'cause Grandma loves her horse.
What's happen to Grandma,
oh, my, what can it be?
Whatever happen to Grandma,
has got the best of me.

Copyright © 2005  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.