I don't see why you bothered,
I've heard so many say,
He wasn't any use to you,
not even worth his hay.
Don't see why you worked so hard,
in all the cold and heat.
Trying to save a horse's life,
that would always have bad feet.
He was a very special gift,
I received one Christmas day.
Foundering didn't change him,
and he sure was worth his hay.
That special paint horse,
is still very special today.
No matter what happened,
he was never in my way.
Didn't mind taking care of him,
didn't mind to clean his stall.
Wading through the mud or snow,
didn't bother me at all.
I watched him for hours at a time,
on the days that he could run.
And when he trotted to meet me,
it was worth all that I had done.
I forgot about all the hard work,
and the back breaking strain.
when I went to the barn at night,
to give him his hay and grain.
While I was taking care of him,
what so many fail to see.
He was still my special horse,
 I was glad he belonged to me.
My old paint horse is gone now,
and we'll never ride again.
but I feel very fortunate,
I had such a special friend.

Copyright © 1998  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.