Twenty pound of turkey,
left on the plate.
Had to think of something,
so it would be ate.
Made turkey dumplings,
and made turkey ham.
Made turkey hash,
and made turkey spam.
Made turkey soup,
made turkey surprise.
Made turkey stew,
and made turkey fries.
Made turkey dip,
Turkey with cream.
Made turkey gravy,
and turkey supreme.
Put turkey in spaghetti,
had turkey with beans.
Made turkey casserole,
and turkey with greens.
Fried turkey in oil,
turkey with potatoes.
Made turkey pizza,
turkey with tomatoes.
Made turkey dressing,
turkey shepherd pie,
Made turkey cakes,
had turkey on rye.
Made turkey Dijon,
turkey with cheese.
Made turkey turnovers,
turkey with peas.
Made turkey salad,
made turkey pot pie.
Ate so much turkey,
I thought I would die.
Made barbecue turkey,
and turkey soufflé.
We'll be eating turkey,
til this time next May.

Copyright © 2006  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.