A baby girl horse,
she is called a filly.
She runs and plays,
on days when it's chilly.

Little baby boy horses,
they are called colts.
Their favorite thing to eat,
are molasses in their oats.

Baby cows are called a calf,
and they live on a farm.
They like playing in the field,
on days when it is warm.

Baby goats are called a kid,
they like eating grass and hay.
They like climbing hills,
and play most of the day.

Baby dogs are called puppies,
some have great big feet.
And it's their puppy chow,
that puppies like to eat.

Baby cats are called kittens,
they like to play with yarn.
Some live in the house,
and some live in the barn.

And the baby deer,
it is called a fawn.
Momma deer's up early,
she's up before it's dawn.

A baby bear is called a cub,
when it's born it's real small.
When the cub grows up,
it is big and it is tall.

Baby kangaroos are called Joey,
they hop from place to place.
A little baby kangaroo,
has a very pretty face.

A baby goose is called gosling,
it makes a honking sound.
Swimming in the lake,
is often where they're found.

Baby ducks are called ducklings,
they make a quacking sound.
And swimming in a pond,
is where they're often found.

Baby owls are called owlets,
they make a hooting sound.
Usually in an old tree,
that's where owls are found.

Baby pigs are called piglets,
they make an oinking sound.
And living on a farm,
is where they'll be found.

Baby foxes are called a kit,
some are red and some are gray.
They usually live in the country,
but in the town is where some stay.

Baby sheep are called a lamb,
some have white wool you know.
And where the Momma sheep is,
the lamb will also go.
A baby chicken is called a chick,
and it's cute as it can be.
Usually, on the farm,
is where the chick will be.

A little baby rabbit,
it is called a bunny.
It likes hopping in the yard,
on days when it is sunny.

Baby llamas are called crias,
and a camel they're kin to.
Llamas don't have a hump,
but the camels do.

Baby birds are called nestlings,
they make a chirping sound.
A nest way up in a tree,
is where nestlings can be found.