Remembering a mom who comforted you when you had a bad cold, skinned knees, a sore throat, earaches, bumps and bruises, and when you fell down.

A mom who dreaded putting you on the bus your first day of school, yet she smiled and you never knew how hard it was for her.

A mom who comforted you when the weather was too nasty to go outside and she played games with you, and she could settle a spat between you and your siblings in one second.

A mom who made candy on holidays, and baked cakes for birthdays.

A mom who comforted you when you lost a pet. A mom who understood the sadness you felt when your best friend moved away.

A mom who felt pride and joy when you graduated from high school, but felt sad at the same time, because she knew you were now grown, and soon you would be moving out on your own.

A mom who was proud of the person you had became, and couldn't have been happier when you became a parent. What a proud grandmother she was.

Remembering the daily emails, sharing pictures, your promotions on the job. How proud your mom was that you had done so well in life.

Remembering all the good times will help you get through difficult times of losing a mom.