Fathers are special friends,
to a girl or a lad.
It takes a special person,
to earn the name of dad.
Real friends come right in,
sit at the kitchen table.
Talk and laugh so much,
some wonder if they're stable.
Ideal friends will listen,
they'll always lend an ear.
There to share a laugh,
or to wipe away a tear.
Everyday friends can live close by,
or in another state.
Or someone who just passes by,
and chats at the garden gate.
New friends may move in,
the house that's next door.
It doesn't take that long,
til there's one friend more.
Dear friends can be near,
or can be far away.
Some may not email often,
some email every day.
Sisters are forever friends,
in the time of need.
Sisters are precious friends,
friends they are indeed.
Husbands are the best friends,
that a wife has ever had.
They're there to cheer her up,
when she is feeling sad.
Inlaws are good friends,
be it a sister or a mother.
Or it just might be,
one gets an extra brother.
Priceless friends are mothers,
we can't describe their worth.
A friend that's been with us,
every since our birth.
Copyright © 2007  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.