Phoebe's a southern screech owl,
she is a good friend of mine,
she comes a huntin' in my barn,
catchin' field mice all the time.
She's a real mouse catcher,
the best in the land,
she can catch them field mice,
faster than a glue trap can.
Yeah Phoebe came a swoopin'
into my barn one day,
saw field mice runnin' all around,
said if you don't mind I'll stay.
Cause I need to be huntin'
where the pickin's ain't slim,
I got babies at home
 and it takes a lot to feed them.
Phoebe said I've been livin'
yonder in a holler tree,
and havin' food in this close
works out real good fer me.
I'll teach the babies to hunt
just the way I do,
and when they grow up
they can catch field mice too.
I said I've been lookin' at a plan
to build a house fer you,
I'll even add a few more rooms
so the kids can have one too.
Then y'all can be together
just the way you should,
shucks we can call this
the screech owl neighborhood.

Copyright © 2007 Roy Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.