I really do miss you,
and I love you oh so much.
You were my best friend,
and I miss your gentle touch.
I know you'll miss me,
and you know I miss you too.
I'm in a better place now,
and please don't feel blue.
I was with you a lot of years,
and you love me that I know.
The years took their toll on me,
and it was time for me to go.
I can run and play again,
and once more I can see.
Friends, cats, dogs, and horses,
they're all right here with me.
I can hear good now,
my coat has a shine.
My step has a bounce,
and I am doing fine.
I'm running through the fields,
it's a beautiful place to be.
So know that I am happy,
when you think of me.
Copyright © 2007  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.