Christmas was drawing near,
a chill was in the air.
Grandma was baking cookies,
all the family would be there.
Grandpa was in the living room,
he had put up the tree.
He sang about the old days,
the way Christmas use to be.
Kids celebrated Christmas,
each year at their school.
Mentioning God back then,
wasn't against the rule.
How they always searched for,
a tree for Christmas day.
And putting up the nativity scene,
with Jesus lying in the hay.
How Grandma canned the food,
from the garden he put out.
They'd have some for Christmas,
he sang there was no doubt.
They went to church on Christmas,
attended services again that night.
And how they always taught the kids,
so they knew wrong from right.
He sang about the changes,
seen in Christmas along the way.
How he liked things much better,
the way they were in his day.
Wishing all a Merry Christmas,
and to remember Christ birth.
Ended off his song wishing for,
peace for all on earth.
Copyright © 2007  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.