How many of these can you remember?

Coffee pots that brewed coffee on cook stoves

Cook Stoves

Old teakettles

Rolling pin

Watering cans

Cow bells

Old tube type radios

Old phonograph players

Dial telephones


House keys

Old type sewing machines

Horse pulled plows

Baby carriages

Butter Churn

Metafile Companion Picture (32-bit)
Brownie camera

Metafile Companion Picture (32-bit)

Glass baby bottle



Diaper pail


Glass milk bottle
Milk can
Oil can

Oil lamp

Old cash register
Old type iron

Reel lawnmower

Pot belly stove

Wringer washing machine

Mail carrier walking to deliver mail

Three cent stamp

One cent postcard

Wasn't it nice going back and remembering the more simple times? I can remember my Grandma singing as she worked. Never complaining and was happy with what she had.