Is the horse orange,
is it a gray dapple?
Is the horse brown,
or red like an apple?

Is the bird coral,
or is the bird blue?
Is the bird yellow,
or polka dotted too?

Is the cat black,
or is the cat green?
Is the cat purple,
like a jelly bean?

Is the donkey lavender,
or is the donkey lime?
Is the donkey gray,
or the color of a dime?

Is the pig pink,
or is the pig tan?
Is the pig gold,
or color of the sand?

Is the dog silver,
is the dog teal?
Is the dog black,
or color of oatmeal?

Is the lamb beige,
or the color of a pea?
Is the lamb white,
or color of the sea?

Is the skunk mint,
with spots on its nose?
Is it black with white,
or the color of a rose?

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