Dear Kids,

This mornin' the alarm clock made them funny double beepin' noises and flashed its purple lights all over the bedroom. Well another day has started and I can only wonder what is in store for us. About thirty minutes later I was sippin' coffee and readin' the news paper, actually the weather pane, they were callin' for rain. I checked the thermometer and saw a balmy forty three degrees outside, rain sounded about right.

Sami came saunterin' into the kitchen and looked at the clock and sort of puffed at me as if to say we should go feed the horses. We headed out the trail that leads to the barn and immediately knew that the weather was about to change. The wind was blowin' so doggone hard that those tiny rain drops were blowin' sideways and they would sting when they hit my face.

I checked the temperature when I got back to the house and it was thirty six degrees outside now. I poured another cup of coffee and went to my computer. I looked out the window and to my surprise there was the biggest snowstorm I had ever witnessed. The flakes were about the size of lemons and so close together I couldn't even see our big ole barn. I yelled out to the little woman and said if you want to see a really big snowstorm, look out the window.

I commenced to make plans to dig a tunnel to the barn so I could get there and back without gettin' lost.


Mom: I looked out the back window and the snowflakes were about the size of nickels, not lemons. They were sort of close together, but it's no surprise to me that your dad was unable to see the barn, since he was looking out the front window. The barn is on the other side of the house.

When I looked out the window later there was no sign that it had ever snowed much less a snowstorm. There was not a trace of anything on the grass or any place else. I told your dad there was nothing to indicate any snow had even fallen. Your dad looked disappointed he wasn't going to get to dig a tunnel to the barn after all.

 Roy & Jo Ann Lovelace