I thought I would put some hay in the back room at the barn and turn the horses loose inside while I went to the feed store for some alfalfa cubes. Upon my return I found the horses outside enjoying some of nature's finest grass there in the barnyard.

I knew I had double latched the big screen doors so there was no way even Rachel could unlatch both of them. Maybe she could unlatch one but not both. But the big screen door was open, and a closer look revealed that the latches had been jimmied. Now that made no sense at all. So I set about cleaning the stalls while I pondered this puzzle.

I had finished Cheyenne's stall and was almost finished with Rachel's when I noticed a piece of something white sticking out from under some hay. That white piece of cloth was a canvas tool bag. I pulled the bag from under the hay and found it was full of tools. I removed the tools and discovered that most were tools that I used to replace drive belts on my lawn tractor. I put them in my tool box and locked it. I took the bag to the hay loft and hung it on a nail. Next I replaced the broken latches and called the horses in for a snack.

Rachel finished eating her grain and was nosing around in the hay under the feed bowl. I think she might have been looking for her tool bag. My guess is she thinks she forgot where she hid it. Shucks I ain't gonna tell her, that's for sure, ha.

Jo Ann;

Actually, what happened was Rachel got carried away with scratching herself on the screen door, and that resulted in her tearing the latches loose that held the door shut. I'm sure her and Cheyenne enjoyed exploring the barnyard, although it was nothing new to them. It was fun, because Rachel managed to get the door to open where they could go out.

Roy & Jo Ann Lovelace