two horses in the stalls,
one horse in the hall.
And one horse outside,
playing with a ball.
How many horses are there?

One cow's in the barn,
one cow's eating hay.
One cow's in the field,
that cow's name is Kay.
How many cow's are there?

The farmer feeds his pigs,
one pig's in the shed.
One other pig's outside,
How many pigs are fed?
How many pigs are there?

Two goats climb a hill,
Two goats in a cart.
One goat's eating grass,
and its name is Bart.
How many goats are there?

one spider's in the barn,
a web the spider weaves.
Once the spider's finished,
then the spider leaves.
How many spiders Are There?

Answers Below

1. Four horses

2. Three cows

3. Two Pigs

4. Five Goats

5. One spider

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