Well that time of the year is upon us when the stores tell us we should buy everything they have. The grocery stores will hype their food stuff and admonish us to feast large and buy everything from them. The TV stations run all the stories they can find that pertain to Christmas stories and they rerun them endlessly.  So the commercialization of Christmas is completed with the daily arrival of junk mail advertising just about everything from chocolate covered cherries to bunion pads.

But down deep we all know the real meaning of Christmas. So between now and Christmas the story will be told about the wise men and the shepherds. About an angel telling the shepherds of the Christ child and where he was born and what this meant to all of mankind. The wise men traveled far to give the Christ child the gifts they carried and to worship him.

The greatest event in the history of the world took place in a stable and today the meaning is lost to so many. So in our own small way we can help bring back the meaning to a few by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and not use Happy Holidays which means absolutely nothing, so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.


Roy Lovelace