Abby at 3 months old

We have a new puppy in our house now. Her name is Abby; she is almost six months old. As you might imagine, she is full of energy and into something all the time. Thus far she has managed to mangle to the point of destruction every toy she had that was made of some sort of fabric. We have concluded that she doesn't know anything about being gentle with toys. Her hard toys have so far escaped destruction. She loves to play fetch the ball, but she don't think giving to us is fair so she keeps it.

The other day we were sitting on the back porch enjoying the warm day and feeling a bit sleepy. Abby was bouncing around enjoying the freedom of the big porch. After a while I noticed that Abby was staring at something in the yard. I moved over to her position to see what it was but didn't see anything. Still she stood there and stared at something. Try as I might I could not see anything. Finally in desperation, I took Abby out in the yard to get a closer look. I took her to the general area where she was staring but still didn't see anything. About that time Abby darted toward a clump of grass and began to dig. Then I saw what all the commotion was about. It was about the size of a June bug or a bumblebee. After a closer look I saw it was a baby field mouse that had been abandoned by its mother. The little critter was already dead but Abby wanted it anyway. I told her no, you cannot have a field mouse for a pet, dead or not.


Roy Lovelace

March 2010