I like the way things were,
back in my childhood days.
Life was so much simpler,
and better in many ways.
We walked a mile to school,
worked hard or didn't pass.
And, yes, way back then,
God was allowed in our class.
Folks worked hard for a living,
early morning until night.
And they taught us children,
to always do what's right.
No such things as computers,
no such things as TV.
We played tag and hide and seek,
and we climbed up a tree.
Kids always helped the old folks,
and neighbors when they could.
Did everything from cleaning,
to chopping up some wood.
Looking back I miss a lot of things,
like so many smiling faces.
But what I miss most of all,
God was allowed in so many places.

Copyright © 2010  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.