The horse was getting old,
his life coming to an end.
The old cowboy sit beside him.
sad he would lose a friend.
They rode the hills and valleys,
worked together side by side.
The old cowboy said a prayer,
and the tears he couldn't hide.
If there's a heaven for old horses,
some day I'll see you there.
Where there's greener pastures,
and the skies are always fair.
Six month later the old cowboy,
said don't cry for me dear Bess.
You've been the best wife ever,
this old cowboy's life's been bless.
The old cowboy lived his life for God,
and he had always did his best.
Bess put him beside his best friend,
where in peace they both now rest.

Copyright © 2010  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.