Some of you already know when the blades on the cornstalks turn from green to a yellowish brown it isn't long until it's time to cut the cornstalks. But for you who doesn't know you may find this to be interesting.

First you need to cut a fist full of hay strings two to three feet long and put them in your belt.

Next you will need to cut the cornstalks with a corn knife in one hand and gather the cornstalks with your free arm. When your free arm is full of cornstalks lay them on the ground and tie the hay string around them.

Once you have all the cornstalks cut and tied in bundles stand them up leaning against each other. Then you will need to carefully lean the other bundles against the three bundles. Next you need to place the bundles evenly all the way around the first three. Usually fifteen or twenty bundles are enough to make a fodder shock. Use the hay string to tie all the bundles together. You will need to repeat this until all the bundles are placed in the fodder shock and tied.

The pumpkins can now be placed inside the fodder shock to be used as wanted. They will not freeze.