The cowboy's hat was dusty,
and his old boots were worn.
His chaps were all tattered,
and his new shirt was torn.
He was waiting in the chute,
this would be his last ride.
Then he nodded his head,
once he had his hand tied.
Everyone watched the clock,
that's right above the pen.
Needed to stay eight seconds,
but he made it to ten.
He got a standing ovation,
from the entire crowd.
And there was his family,
all looking so proud.
He had won the finals,
at the age of forty-three.
He worked to get there,
everyone must agree.
He bought a little ranch,
somewhere down Texas way.
Now he will be found there,
roping steers most any day.

Copyright © 2010  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.