Miss Kodi Abigail Von Knight

Dear Miss Kodi

I am a senior citizen and have an adorable Doberman pup in the house. She weighs about ninety pounds now. She can and does sleep about anywhere in the house except my bed but for some reason she likes to nap on my lap. I have to wake her after about thirty minutes because my legs begin to get numb. How should I handle this?
                                   Just Wondering
Dear Just,
Let the sleeping dog lie.

Dear Miss Kodi,

My eleven month old Doberman evidently thinks she will grow up to be a maid. She sniffs the floor looking for lent and dust because she found a dusty spot and a small bit of lent when we moved a large chair. She has hunted the house over ever since. Not only that but she likes to fluff things. She has fluffed every pillow and cushion in the house and even tries to fluff people. Should I discourage her from hunting and fluffing?

                                        Yours Truly,
Dear Perplexed,
Absolutely not, just count your many blessings and buy your dog more treats.