The dishes all were old,
not one of them matched.
The towels were all tattered,
And all had been patched.
Cabinets all were ancient,
the doors they didn't latch.
There wasn't one at all,
that didn't have a scratch.
The stove set in the corner,
coal bucket by its side.
Kitchen was extremely hot,
until the fire had died.
The living room was small,
the couch was badly worn.
The old chair it was tattered,
around when they were born.

The bed was an old antique,
it was covered with a quilt.
The wardrobe was much older,
hard to tell when it was built.
Clothes hung on the clothesline,
sewn from a feed store sack.
No such thing as bathrooms,
Just a path that led out back.
Their kids played in the yard,
came in and they were fed.
They all said their prayers,
before they went to bed.
That old place they called home,
holds memories that they love.
For all those special memories,
they now thank the Lord above.

Copyright © 2011  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.