Millie and Sally Squirrel ran through the dry rustling red, bronze, yellow, and brown leaves enjoying the cool fall weather. Millie saw a persimmon tree not too far from where they were playing. She wanted to taste the persimmons, since she knew they were nice and juicy and had a sweet taste.  

"I don't think the persimmons are ripe yet, and I'm not going to taste one," Sally said. "Persimmons are so bitter and even make your tongue draw up when they aren't ripe."

" Nonsense," Millie said. " The persimmons are ripe and I'm going to get a bite."

"You will regret it," said Sally.

Millie took a big bite of a persimmon and it wasn't ripe. She shook her head tossing the persimmon on the ground. "That did make my tongue feel as if it was drawing up," Millie said. "I should have listen to you, Sally."

" We should be gathering nuts for the winter", Sally said. "There's a big walnut tree in the field, an acorn tree, hickory nuts, and hazel nuts."

Millie and Sally ran to the field and gathered nuts the entire day storing them in the nest they had built in the big cedar tree. The big cedar tree would shelter them from the cold come winter time.

Millie and Sally played until bedtime and then they went to their nest to sleep for the night. Tomorrow they would enjoy the nice fall weather again. They liked the cool days and now they had all the nuts they needed stored away for the winter they would play and have fun until winter arrives. Once winter comes they will run and roll in the pretty white snow and build a snow squirrel.

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