The old cowboy rode in slowly,
as he come into town.
They could barely see his face,
with his worn hat pulled down.
Said folks you don't remember me,
Not been back since my wedding day.
That was seventy years ago,
back on the tenth of May.
Rose she was only fifteen,
me sixteen, and just a lad.
Rose she's my inspiration,
and a good life we have had.
Today is our anniversary,
I need a special gift for Rose.
Maybe you folks can help me,
he stood and scratched his nose.
The preacher said I remember,
the day you and Rose were wed.
It's me who married you.
and heard the vows you said.
An old lady with a cane,
said I was the witness for you.
And knew that very day,
yours and Rose love was true.
She gathered lots of roses,
from her front yard flower bed.
Roses are a special gift,
these are from me and Ted.
Jake went to the dress shop.
looked a hats and all the rest.
Said his Rose liked pretty things,
and he wanted the very best.
The woman had what he wanted,
said she made the dress herself.
She had made it years ago,
and just put it on the shelf.
It was the prettiest dress,
that Jake had ever seen.
He bought the dress for Rose,
She was still pretty as fifteen.
Rode slowly toward the mountains,
as he rode back out of town.
Just the way he had come in,
with that old hat of his pulled down.

Copyright © 2012  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.