Roy E. Lovelace

T'was the day before Christmas at the twilight's glow,
Sami was playing outside when it began to snow.
She ran into the barn, put her nightcap on her head,
ate a half dozen dog biscuits, and then went to bed.
The horses and pony made not a peep.
and soon little Sami was fast asleep.
Her nanny had told her about Christmas day,
but hadn't told her about Santa and that he was OK.
Then out in the barnyard there was such a loud clatter,
Sami peeped through the crack to see what was the matter.
A little man in a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer,
Sami watched very closely as the little man came near.
He came into the barn through the little side door,
then tiptoed quietly as he sneaked across the floor.
He opened his bag then kneeled down on one knee,
Sami yelled, he's taking presents from under our tree.
She bounced across the floor, chewed a hole in his boot,
he jumped and ran out leaving behind all his loot.
There was dog biscuits and carrots and cookies galore,
and apples were rolling all over the floor.
She nipped at his heels as he mounted his sleigh,
he yelled loud at his reindeer and they all flew away.
She jumped in the air as they flew out of sight,
she yelled don't come back again or the next time I'll bite.

Copyright © 2001  Roy Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.