Roy E. Lovelace

You know there's something
that's always been kinda hard,
that's coming up with just
the right valentine card.
Just going to the stores
and searching the card aisle,
and reading all those verses
it takes quite awhile.
You find one that says part
of what you want to relate,
but the rest of it don't
come off sounding so great.
 Hey, there's a new one
ain't read that one yet,
the graphics look good,
but the verse is all wet.
Here's one, it's kinda plain,
but guess that's okay,
if only the verse says
what you want it to say.
Boy, that verse was a bummer
for such a big valentine,
how would your sweetie figure
what was on your mind.
 Now, you look through the funny ones
to see if one of them might work,
heck, if you gave her something like that
she'd think you was a jerk.
 So you keep on searching
or you'll go out of your mind,
surely someone has made
the perfect valentine.
Hey, here's a heart with an arrow
shot all the way through,
and inside is one line
that simply says, I love you.
Now an idea strikes you,
you're sure it's a dandy,
you'll get her this card
and a big box of candy.

Copyright © 1998 Roy Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.