Each morning the boys hurried,
to get on that old bus.
They always set up front,
with the driver called Old Gus.
He'd tell them about his childhood,
tell them what they all should know.
To always do the right things,
no matter where they might go.
They loved to hear his stories,
hear what OldGus had to say.
Gus always started out saying,
things were different in my day.
One morning they all hurried,
to get on that old yellow bus.
And all were disappointed,
'cause the driver wasn't Gus.
They ask the new driver,
was Old Gus sick that day.
The driver sadly told them,
that Old Gus passed away.
The boys were all sad,
they'd always remember Gus.
They would never forget
the old driver of that bus.

Copyright © 2013  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.