Remember me as a wife,
a good husband I was blest
Remember me as a mom,
I always did my best.
Remember me as a grandma,
that took things with a smile.
One who would always grin,
who would go the extra mile.
Remember me as a friend,
who would listen more than talk.
Remember me I loved my dog,
and took her for a walk.
Remember me and my horse,
who was my best buddy.
Remember me and my ideas.
Considered a fuddy duddy.
Remember me writing poems,
liked writing things that rhymes.
Remember me I was the same,
didn't change any with the times.
Remember me and our love,
and please don't feel blue.
Remember me and all those years,
and know I loved you too.

Copyright © 2014  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.