Dad I'm sitting here tonight,
trying to write this letter.
I know it's been awhile,
and know I should do better.
Dad I really miss you,
and I miss all our talks.
I miss the old home place,
and I miss all our walks.
I miss sitting on the porch,
I miss that old worn swing.
I miss the rippling water,
from the old backyard spring.
I miss the Whippoorwill,
that call out in the night.
I miss the early sunrise,
that comes with morning light.
I miss the days of childhood,
that was so long ago.
I miss the days of winter,
I miss the fallen snow.
Dad you know I love you,
I'll write again real soon.
This Father's Day I'll be there,
Should be there right at noon.
Until then Dad remember,
though I'm far away.
I'll be there in person,
to say Happy Father's Day.

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