I wonder how many of you knew about the snow people other than the snowman. Well in case you donít know, I will tell you everything I know about them.
First there is of course the Snow-man, there is also the Snow-woman, and she is not as fat as the snow-man although some think they do favor each other a lot. The Snow-girl and the Snow-boy are the Snow-Twins who happen to favor the Snow-ma and the Snow-pa. Of course The Snow-baby is the youngest member of the family. They have six pets, the Snow-cat, the Snow-dog and four Snow-birds. Everyone except the Snow-birds wear Snow-shoes.
The favorite sport of the Snow-people is Snow-ball which is played on the snow-field where the bases are mapped out using the Snow-line. The fields are usually bordered by Snow-plants. Occasionally they have to dash into a Snow-hut if a Snow-storm catches them out on the Snow-field.
The Snow-people diet consists mostly of Snow-Broth which consists of a mixture of snow and water. They also eat Snow-peas and Snow-berries that grow near the snow-blind under artificial snow-light. Their favorite drink is sparkling Snow-water.
They all live in a Snow-house, which makes sense in a cold sort of way I guess. Anyway they live at 32-1F Snow-Avenue in a quaint little town called Snow-pile, in the state of Avalanche, and thatís snow-joke.