I went to the bakery to pick up a cake for our anniversary and found a very nice one that only needed to have some writing put on it. So I picked it up and went to the counter to ask if they would write something on the cake. The lady said she would be happy to do that and asked what I wanted on it. I told her to write Happy Anniversary Darlin'. She asked me to spell darlin' and of course I said, just don't put a g on darling. She said, oh, just darlin the way you said it. I nodded in agreement and she took the cake to the work table and fixed it. When she handed me the cake she asked how many years. I told her fifty-nine. She Wow, fifty-nine, they ought to give y'all the cake for that many. I just grinned and took the cake and thanked her and left.

I got bullied right off the bat. I was walking along very carefully with the cake when a man and woman couple stopped me by blocking my path. The woman said Oh that's a pretty cake. I'll get me a lick of that. She was reaching for the box to lift the lid. I pulled the box away and said quite loudly and very sternly, ABSOLUTELY NOT! She became quite angry and demanded to know why not. I looked her squarely in the face and said rather loud, because you are not my darlin.

The man began laughing extremely loud and said, Thank you, I have wondered for a long time when someone would put her in her place. She is always asking people to let her taste something they have bought and she has been getting away with it. So Thank you again, maybe this will make her think twice the next time.

The woman was speechless and red faced to boot. She never said a word as I left there.

Now I usually do my shopping real early so I never meet such people and I reckon I will try harder to go real early from now on too. Whew!!!