I remember often,
when you and I first met.
Just two foolish kids,
that hadn't grown up yet.
We worked hard to make it,
and had to grow up fast.
Knew we had to pull together,
to make our marriage last.
Worked hard together,
worked for little pay.
Always thought ahead,
to a better day.
We didn't have a car,
so we walked every place.
We walked to buy groceries,
never slowed down the pace.
We didn't have a phone,
we didn't own a TV.
Looking at God's creations,
was enough for us to see.
With our trust in the Lord,
we didn't have a doubt.
Might not have very much,
but we wouldn't do without.
It's sixty years later,
now we have a plenty.
We thank the good Lord,
blessings have been many.

Copyright © 2015  Jo Ann Lovelace. All Rights Reserved.