I was working my way through the store and finding just about everything on my list, I mean it was going really good. I was leaving the bakery section about the time I noticed an older couple, you know, about my age or so. They were shopping for some of the snack items the bakery usually has on sale. They had found a few and the woman had just picked up a chicken.
Her husband, I suppose, said for her to PUT IT BACK, It ain't no good. She just ignored his command and kept on shopping. He said again, put that dang chicken back, it ain't no good. He was visibly upset that she was not paying any attention to him at all. He walked up to her face and started to say it again when she looked him straight in the eye and said in a matter of fact tone. You leave that chicken alone, I ain't puttin' it back and you ain't neither. He left that chicken alone.
He sort of sucked in some air a little bit and walked on out in front of her. He was looking at some meat that I thought was probably ham. He looked it over purty good and tossed it back into the cooler. About then he noticed the butcher was looking at him with a distinct frown on his face. The man looked at the butcher and grinned and waved real big then picked up that pack of ham and put in the buggy. His wife, I suppose, was grinning to the point of almost laughing out loud but she never said anything.
I went a different direction and never got to see them again. But you can have a lot of fun just watching people shopping in the stores.