A blessing in disguise
All in all
All things must come to an end
All thumbs
Always belly aching
An eavesdropper never hears any good of themselves
A scalawag
A sight for sore eyes
At beck and call
A loggerhead
As good luck would have it
At the end of their rope
At the top of the ladder
A watch pot never boils
A whipping boy
A young whipper snapper
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Been there, done that
Beggars can't be choosers
Bells and whistles
Bend over backwards
Better skedaddle
Between you, me, and the fence post
Big wig
Bit the dust
Brand, spanking, new
Buckle down
Burning the candle at both ends
Burning the midnight oil
Butter fingers
Can't get a word in edge wise
Can't get blood out of a turnip
Can't hold a candle to
Cash on the barrel head
Caught red handed
Chip off the old block
Chip on their shoulder
Chomping on the bit
Cool as a cucumber
Cute as a button
Cut from the same cloth
Dad blast it
Dad gum it
Dark as a dungeon
Did accidentally on purpose
Don't go borrowing troubles
Don't leave any stones unturned
Dry as a bone
Dyed in the wool
Easy as pie
Eating humble pie
Eating out of house and home
Enough is enough
Everything is hunky dorey
Fast as greased lightening
Feather in your cap
Fits to a tee
Flat as a flitter
For crying out loud
For the birds
Get the upper hand
Getting your foot in the door
Give the cold shoulder
Going out on a limb
Goody two shoes
Got a bone to pick with you
Got a good head on their shoulders
Got another think a coming
Got cold feet
Got egg on their face
Go the extra mile, it's never crowded
Got their dander up
Got their feet on the ground
Go to pot
Go Scot free
Got up on the wrong side of the bed
Grit your teeth and bear it
Handed to on a silver platter
Hand over fist
Have a little backbone
Having the heebie jeebies
Heard it through the grape vine
His bark is worse than his bite
Hope springs eternal
Idel hands are the devils workshop
In a shambles
In a spilt second
In the pink
It's touch and go
It will all come out in the wash'
It will come back to haunt you
It will do in a pinch
Johnny on the spot
Join the crowd
Just a hop, skip, and jump away
Just a stone throw away
Keep this under your hat
Keep your chin up
Knee deep in trouble
Know the ropes
Knuckle under
Laughing stock
Let by gones be by gones
Letting off steam
Lied through their teeth
Life's too short
Like cooking frogs
Like a knot on a log
Like talking to a fence post
Like two peas in a pod
Lily livered
Limp as a dish rag
Live and let live
Living beyond their means
Lickety split
Look like they've been run through the mill
Makes no bones about it
Mending fences
Misery loves company
Money doesn't grow on trees
Muddy the water
Neat as a pen
Neither here nor there
No ifs ands or buts about it
Nose out of joint
No such thing as a white lie
Not up to snuff
Not worth a hill of beans
Off ones rocker
Old fuddy duddy
Old what's his name
Once in a blue moon
One foot on a banana peel and the other one on a slippery hill
On the tip of the tongue
Picking up the pieces
Pitching a fit
Pleased as punch
Pull in your horns
Put a damper on
Put your money where your mouth is
Put your thinking cap on
Reading between the lines
Red as a beet
Roll with the punches
Rub the wrong way
Rubbing salt in the wound
Rule of thumb
Run amuck
Running out of steam
Saved by the bell
Set in their ways
Showing true colors
Sitting on the fence
Skeletons in the closet
Slower than molasses on a cold winter day
Sleep on it
Sleep tight
Slip of the tongue
Sooner or later
So quiet you could hear a pin drop
Sorry sight to see
Spilling the beans
Spilting image of
Spinning a yarn
Stand your ground
Started out on the wrong foot
Starting out from scratch
Stayed through thick and thin
Stayed until the bitter end
Stepping on toes
Stick in the mud
Still alive and kicking
Straight laced
Strike while the iron is hot
Swallow your pride
Sweep under the rug
Take the bitter with the sweet
Taste of their own medicine
That's a doozy
That's a piece of cake
That will knock your socks off
The last straw
The proof is in the pudding
The salt of the earth
Things are going okey dokey
Things come to those who wait
This too will pass
Tied to Momma's apron strings
Thorn in the side
Throwing a fit
Took under their wing
Too many irons in the fire
To make a long story short
Tongue tied
Tough toenails
Tried pulling the wool over their eyes
Trying to keep body and soul together
Turn a blind eye to
Turning over a new leaf
Two left feet
Under their thumb
Waiting for the next shoe to fall
Walking in high cotton
Washed their hands of
Weak in the knees
Went straight to their head
Will set your teeth on edge
With a grain of salt
Won hands down
Wore out to the bone
Worn to a frazzle
Yellow streak
You can't keep a good man down
Your guess is good as mine
You reap what you sow
Your name is mud
You made your bed, now lie in it