We were just thinking about a horse we had at one time in our boarding barn. The old fellow appeared to have allergies to something and he would hack and cough terrible, however it was really odd the horse seem to be fine when his owner wasn’t there and When either one of us were taking care of him, however each time his owner come around to take him out to run in the paddock, groom him, or go for a ride, he would hack and sneeze until she would have to bring him back in, once he was back in his stall and she was gone, he appeared to be fine again, no hacking or sneezing, and was just like any other horse in the stable.

We did recommend the woman call the veterinarian out to see what was wrong with her horse, and to get something that would take care of his allergies, although we had an idea it was the woman herself that the horse was allergic to. The woman did call the veterinarian and when he arrived she was telling him how the horse hacked and sneeze until he almost was down on his knees from the hacking and sneezing. The veterinarian checked the horse over and couldn’t find anything wrong other than the horse was coughing and sneezing the entire time he and the woman were there. The veterinarian come to the conclusion there must be some kind of pollen or something that was so small no one could actually see it, however it was bothering the horse. Not knowing what the horse was allergic to he felt like he couldn’t prescribe any kind of medication, so he took blood to try and find what the horse’s problem was. The veterinarian called the woman once the blood work was back and he was telling the woman he found nothing the horse was allergic to, so he was stumped to what it could be her horse was allergic to, and couldn’t give the horse a medication, not knowing, it could do more harm to the horse than  if did good…..

When the woman left we both were telling the veterinarian the horse never hacked or sneezed when either of us was taking care of him, so the veterinarian went back in the barn and low and behold the horse had stopped coughing and sneezing. The veterinarian said, by golly, you are right, and it is the woman this horse is allergic to. He did get in touch with her and told her about what he had found and the horse didn’t ever hack or sneeze unless she was there. She decided to sell the horse and no longer came to the stable and that old horse was fine with his new owner.

We thought maybe it might be all the makeup she wore since she did look like someone we once saw who wore two buckets of makeup on her face, eye shadow, you name it, that woman wore it, and we often wonder what she really looked like under all the makeup,  and there it was that poor old horse was allergic to her, and what a blast, it was a horse being allergic to a person instead of the other way around and not the person who was allergic to the horse.

We come to the conclusion, she stunk, and the horse couldn’t stand it. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it........